Cove at Volente Beach, Summer, 2009

DELTA (Don't Empty Lake Travis Association) is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit corporation whose purpose is to inform the public of issues on the Lower Colorado River, raise public awareness and effect change and protection of our water through an enormous groundswell of public opinion.

Why was DELTA organized?
A group organized in opposition to a huge Williamson County industrial deep water intake planned for the middle of an established residential area in the Village of Volente. Members soon realized that water was an issue for all of Lake Travis - it was an issue for the entire Lower Colorado River - it was an issue for the entire State of Texas. We outgrew our Lake Travis name before we were 6 months old.

What does DELTA believe?
DELTA believes in protecting our surface waters both in quality and quantity.

All cities should have conjunctive use of water (at least 2 sources.) In order to do this, our ground water must also be guarded and controlled.

The only water plentiful enough to quench the thirsts of our exploding populations in our cities is in the Gulf of Mexico. Desalination must be considered more seriously and pursued more vigorously.

Too many people are using way too much water. Municipalities must begin strong, mandatory conservation programs. Every drop of water must be used and used again. Reuse infrastructures must be installed and be required in all new developments.

Economic impact should be studied and considered before using of our surface waters.

What does DELTA do?

DELTA encourages State Legislation in:
1. Conservation. The Texas Water Development Board's goal of 140 gallons per person per day (GPCD) in all cities should be strengthened and enforced. Reuse infrastructures need State funding.
2. Water use planning. The state needs a water management plan that is flexible and easily changed. Both ground and surface water should be managed. Cities should come to a state board when they need additional water instead of the cities choosing where they should get more water.
3. Mandatory conjunctive use of water. Cities with over 5,000 water customers should be required to have at least 2 sources of water.
4. Requiring inter-basin transfers to forever remain junior. When water is plentiful, sharing is great. In times of drought, water should remain in the basin of origin. All water removed from a basin should be returned drop for drop.
5. Lobbying legislation. State Agencies cannot lobby. Why can River Authorities?
6. Placing all Counties in Ground Water Conservation Districts. The "rule of capture" should be abolished in Texas.
7. Enabling Act review. Repair the damage done in the 90's and 2001.

DELTA encourages the LCRA Board to:
1. Review lobbying practices.
2. Abolish the "must sell" policy.
3. Get out of retail water sales.
4. Consider the economic value of keeping water in the Highland Lakes.

A Power Point presentation, informing the public of water issues, is available for groups of 30 to 100. The Power Point is also used to brief legislators and decision makers.

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